It’s how we roll

As promised, last night the Scouts put their new-found chopstick skills to the test, cooking and sampling some typical Japanese cuisine. They tried miso soup, instant ramen, teriyaki tofu stir-fry with udon noodles and then Gary demonstrated how to make Sushi.

Reactions were mixed to say the least, but the wasabi and pickled ginger certainly opened a few eyes!

I think I’m turning Japanese

Thinking about this year’s World Scout Jamboree and working towards the Global Challenge Award, last night the Scouts tried some activities with a distinctly Japanese theme.

They made Hachimaki headbands featuring the kanji for “Unity” (the WSJ2015 theme) and their Patrol animals (“Lion”, “Tiger” and “Panther”), learnt to count to ten in Japanese (“Ichi, ni, san, shi…”) and attempted to use chopsticks in preparation for next week’s Japanese food night. Judging by their attempts, some people will be going hungry…